Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fat Lip

What is it about the end of a week before a vacation that brings out the nuts in clients? What a day.

I was worked to the bone. I am just hoping I can make it to tomorrow evening. At that point, I am done until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hallelujah!

So tonight, I missed dinner with the family due to work, but had to finish up and take over parenting duties since Brock was going out to a car club meeting. Just before he left, I was woofing down my dinner when Leda comes running out of the bathroom asking for a lollipop. I ask for what, and she replies "for going poopy in the potty!" And I totally missed it. Brock apparently yelled for me but in my stuppor to eat the first thing I ate all day, I didn't hear him, so I missed the first poopy in the potty. Darn it!

So I gave Leda her lollipop, and we praised her like crazy and off she and I went to finish watching the news while Daddy took off for his meeting. Leda was being a little crazy around the living room, bouncing and jumping around. I asked her two times to calm down and she did, for a few minutes. I was just about to give her the time out when she jumped on the couch and BAM! Hit her mouth on the edge of the couch.

She looked at me and started crying, and the first thing I saw was the blood. So up to the kitchen I ran her to check how bad it was and it was just a bloody mess. I started to panic a little when I couldn't get the blood to stop or to even slow down, so the phone call to Dr. John was made, and by the time he made it across the yard, the bleeding had slowed and all I was seeing was a big fat lip!

Her teeth are fine (thank goodness!) she just split her lip a little. And it's gonna be fat! Oh well.

So, I guess we can add that to the hot pepper instance to see if it helps her learn her lessons. To this day, she won't have anything to do with anything that is called a pepper! So maybe she will stop jumping around on the couch!

With child in bed, and this post about to "go to bed," I am off to watch what is left of Survivor, and do some laundry and start packing! See Ya!

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