Thursday, November 8, 2007

Driving me batty!

I used to like driving. Actually, I still do, but I wish I could drive where there were no other drivers. Because, if you haven't noticed, there are a lot of drivers who probably shouldn't be driving. In cars. Or SUVs. I'd even go so far as to say there are a few people I saw last night and tonight who probably shouldn't be let within 50 feet of ANYTHING with wheels.

There are a lot of drivers who wouldn't pass a driver's test if their lives depended on it. There are drivers who are endangering the lives of others on the road, not to mention themselves and those who are in the vehicle with them. There are very few drivers who have any regard for anyone else they share the road with. That's right SHARE the road.

What a freakin' concept.

And I'm not talking about just the slow people. The guys who treat everything as a race are just as bad if not worse. I saw one guy who figured it was his right to travel at 95MPH in traffic going about 70 MPH so much so that he almost passed the cars in the passing lane in the shoulder. Yes, he attempted to make his own lane.

I have made it home from NYC. It wasn't pretty! I was afraid I was going to be stuck on the Island. I decided the best way home would be across Manhattan - Midtown Tunnel to Lincoln Tunnel. Until I realized that most of the ways I knew to get to the Lincoln tunnel shut down from different directions from 4-7pm. So I had to drive around for awhile looking for the way off the island. Was starting to get worried that I wasn't going to even get myself voted off the island! But I figure it out and got myself out of NYC with nary a honk of my horn or anyone else's at me! Pretty darn good!

The NJ Turnpike is just the pits. Although I didn't hit any traffic, the drivers on that road are just the worst. Oh, the PA turnpike is not any better. Oh, and the cell phone use? What is up with that? I thought in NJ and NY hand held cells were outlawed. Oh, wait, that's right, the guy I saw WAS TEXTING while driving. Yes, I am pretty darn sure that is what he was doing. At 70MPH. Love it.

So happy to be home. So happy tomorrow is Friday.

I'm off to watch Survivor and veg out for the rest of the evening.

Oh, and Todd, if you are out there, I AM working on that post you requested. It's been a crazy week here!

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