Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day from you know where...

Today was that day. The day that if anything was going to go wrong, it did.

Okay, it wasn't that bad, but it was one of those days that you think you are going to make headway on one project when another project rears it's ugly head and you end up spending all day working on a project that just doesn't seem to end. There's always something else to do.

On top of that, the contractors who were supposed to be done the living room ceiling last Friday, then this Tuesday, then this Thursday (yes, Mom, I do believe this guy may be related to your contractor), doesn't show up to work on the ceiling until almost 2:30pm. So much for being done on Thursday. If he's done on Thursday, I'd be really surprised.

Oh, and then, it's election day, so Brock is working the polls all day, so I am single mom. Had to get up early to take a shower before the kid got up, so I could run her to day care before work. Well, that didn't work too good - she was up about the same time as me, so I never got to take that shower (yuck, I know). Then I had to pick her up at daycare, run over to vote, let Leda have a few minutes of Daddy time (which just ended up with me having to hear her scream and cry all the way to Boston Market to grab some dinner because we left Daddy at the polling place), and finally get home to eat dinner (first meal all day, due to the never-ending-project issues).

So, now that's she's in bed, I get to relax, right? Probably not - gonna try and finish up something for work and THEN, maybe I can climb into my PJ's and into bed and veg out on really bad TV. Oh, please, let me finally be able to veg out on some really bad TV!

Good night!

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