Sunday, November 4, 2007


This morning Leda and I made Oatmeal Cookies.

Several times during the process I had to remind her NOT to put her fingers in the mixing bowl (one, to keep her from eating the batter and two, to keep her fingers from being mixed into the batter by the mixer!) She helped put the eggs in and she helped put the flour mixture in and the oats. Then came the best part of cookie making:

Best part of making cookies!

Well, and then the actual eating of the cookies themselves:


It was a fun morning! Shhhh, we'll be sharing some of the cookies with the Durhams later! We are off to a marching band competition tonight and then off to dinner out with the girls (Leda and Paige). We'll be home for the game because I have already told Jennifer I refuse to watch tonight's game with her. I love her to death, but she has really bad taste in football teams (she's a Dallas fan - yuck!) Well, that and the fact that I have rubbed the last couple of years when we did better than the Cowgirls in her face. Guess I deserve a little rubbin' back - nah! We'll stay home to watch the game! ;-)

Hope your Sunday is as awesome as ours!

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