Thursday, November 1, 2007

And so it starts....

I almost forgot!

Not an auspicious start to the National Month of Blog Posting when I am supposed to blog every day of the month. Including the first day! Duh! At least I remembered before the end of the first day!

Becoming a parent did this to me. Makes me forget everything (and I am sure there might be some people who are close to me who would beg to differ, but really, I am MUCH worse than I was before I gave birth). I totally get my Mother now. Not that she forgets everything, but I can totally dig why we would drive her nuts. It's what kids do, apparently.

Seriously, until you have a kid, you don't get how hard things can get. Everything becomes magnified. You worry about things you wouldn't have thought to worry about (and believe me, I'm the worrier of the family, so if it can be worried about, I probably worried about it tenfold.) You find yourself at your wits end because the husband needs something, work needs something, the offspring needs something, the dog needs something, everyone and everything needs something and you can't remember if you brushed your teeth this morning. It's nuts!

When we are teenagers we think our parents are nuts - BECAUSE THEY ARE! But the thing I totally understand now is IT'S THE KIDS ARE THE PROBLEM!

Not that I would, for anything in this world or the next, give up being a Mom. It's the most challenging thing but most satisfying thing I've ever done. I can't imagine my life without Leda. It took having Leda for me to totally get my Mom! What a bonus!

So November starts off with pink eye. In both eyes. Leda's so far, not Brock's and/or mine. Oh, and the doctor's office visit to determine this. I noticed her eyes were a little goopy yesterday (i.e., some discharge but not a lot) but it seemed normal since it's the beginning of cold season.

Day care called almost about a half hour after she got there and mentioned her eye looked droopy but not red yet. An hour later Brock was off to pick her up due to her eyes getting red! An hour after that, Leda and I were off to the doctor's office.

Both eyes, no ears. Some drops to hopefully clear it up and a lot of washing of the hands! What a way to start off the month!

So, ye lurkers out there who visit pretty much every day....what do you want me to talk about? Come on, I need ideas! (not that I don't have ideas, I just keep forgetting what they are, they were, oh, you know what I mean!)

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