Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not my fault

I'm the one: One in five fans believe in jinxes, survey says

But it wasn't my fault this past weekend (if you hadn't heard, the Eagles blew it!)

I wore my jersey, Leda wore her jersey AND the green socks!

We did everything right.

Maybe we should have been playing that game. I mean, I think after the first 10 plays that the Eagles' defense guarded the sidelines and the Bears went right down the middle, I GOT A CLUE!

Enough about that. Anyway, they promise to do better next week. Hummmm, deja vu.

This past weekend, Leda and I spent the weekend alone. Brock was off in California playing with his friends at some race track (24 hours of LeMons) (and, no I didn't spell that wrong - click the link - it's nuts). So it was just us girls. We made oatmeal cookies and read books (LOTS of books, over and over again, too!) and built castles with our blocks only to knock them down over and over again. We did a little Halloween costume shopping - Leda wanted to be the Little Mermaid, but do you know they don't make it small enough for her? So I had to bribe her into being a good witch because the outfit came with a wand she could bang me over the head with over and over again (get the gist of the weekend? It was very repetitive!)

Saturday night the Durhams had us over for dinner and we watched the Jungle Book (haven't seen that movie in ages! Love it!). Sunday we hung out and baked our cookies and napped and, well, you know what we wasted 3 and a half hours of our Sunday on - football. And Daddy came home last night.

All is right with our world (well, except the Eagles, but whatcha gonna do?)

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