Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

What a day! First, there was a Halloween parade at day care - well, what would constitute a parade for a bunch of kids under the age of 3 - mostly it was just milling about the play yard showing off for the parents in their Halloween costumes.

Miss Kim's Halloween Parade

Leda looked very cute in her witch costume. And that's what she called it, her 'costume' - not outfit, not dress up, her costume - several billion times today!

Miss Kim's Halloween Parade

We were only supposed to be there for a few minutes and then head back to work, but Leda must have been a bit confused (read tired) because there was screaming and crying and it had nothing to do with play acting! We finally calmed her down and she pretty much went straight in for her nap and Daddy and I creeped away and back to work.

Leda, Halloween, 2007

So tonight, after work, we headed off to the Shier/Gabb neighborhood. Our neighborhood doesn't get many trick-or-treaters - in fact, in the 10 years we have lived here, not one - but we live on a busy street, not conducive to trick-or-treating. So heading off to another neighborhood is a good idea. And we know most of the people who live there, so that makes it so much safer.

The Halloween Gang

And, fun! The kids, all 100 thousand of them (or so it seems) gather and us parents pack a wagon with a few adult libations and off we go trick-or-treating. See, this way, EVERYONE gets a treat! ;-)

It takes Leda a few houses to get the hang of it, but after awhile, she's right in there, getting her candy. She's pretty good at the Thank You, but not so good at the Trick-or-Treat. Next year she may have it down pat!

At the end of the night, we all end up at Kevin and Patti's, where we have a few more adult libations, some fun food and the kids check out their bounty! Everyone is happy!

It was a good night. Leda had a blast, she got a caldron full of candy that will last us the good part of a year (and then some!) If she's lucky, she might even get to have some (she had better come see her Mommy for that!) Funny though, the kid is so excited she got some PlayDoh in her bounty! The little things that make a kid happy!

Hope everyone had a Spooky and Scary and pretty darn Fun Halloween!

EDITED: I should probably mention that we brought Leda's wagon this year - do you know the kid wanted to get in the wagon to be pulled to EACH FREAKIN' HOUSE??? Do you know that the wagon is NOT COMING NEXT YEAR???? Geez! Seriously. She would walk from the end of the driveway of one house, up to the door, do the whole trick-or-treat, give me the candy, thanks thing and turn around, walk down the driveway, into the wagon to be pulled the FIVE FEET TO THE NEXT DRIVEWAY! Yeah, no wagon next year! Kid's gonna have to work for that candy!

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