Monday, October 29, 2007

Biker Chick

Saturday night we headed over to Aunt Rachel's for a Halloween party and parade.

Aunt Rachel lives on main street of a little town in South Jersey. This little town throws one heck of a halloween parade. The whole town (and then some) comes out and hangs outside their homes and have people over and have parties and watch the parade, which is what Aunt Rachel did!

So we hung out with Calean and Tristan and Uncle Wayne and Albert and Margaret and Jackie and lots of friends and family. The kids all dressed up and we ate chili and dips and chips and lots of other goodies. There was even a funnel cake booth set up right across the street, just for Brock!

It was so chaotic though (I mean, a good chaotic) I just couldn't get a lot of pictures. So no, I don't have pictures of the kids in their halloween outfits.

After the parade was over, Uncle Wayne was about to take off to go out for the evening on his motorcycle and as he was saying goodbye, Leda wanted to get on the bike. So we put her on the bike - and boy, did she like it!

Biker Chick

But we aren't so sure what she was doing here:


Obviously Uncle Wayne's bug shield needed cleaning on the inside (thank goodness it was the inside!)

It was a fun night. Leda's looking forward to Halloween so she can get some candy. Because, this was the first parade in like forever that didn't have every participant throwing candy to the kids. And, of course, our child wanted to know where the candy was!

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