Thursday, September 6, 2007

T-Minus one week...

...(and a day or so)...

until Leda is in a big girl bed.

Ikea finally (FINALLY) had the bed we wanted for Leda in stock as of yesterday and so we trundled on down to the store to pick it up along with the canopy and mattress.

Since we will be heading off to New Hampshire this weekend, it will be next weekend before I will be able to put it together, take down her crib and get her bedroom all reconfigured with the new bed.

Leda's excited. She loves the bed (the set up they had in the store tonight had the bed as a bunk bed and Leda climbed right on up and loved it. Of course, she won't have it as a bunk bed yet, but it's nice to know she likes it that way as well!)

I'm excited. Leda's been playing in her room a lot more now an likes to play in her crib (which she can climb in and out of when the side is down). This gives me heart attacks everytime I see her in and/or climbing in or out of the crib. I figure when we have the big girl bed in there, I won't have to worry about her killing herself getting in and out of the crib! Also, I can climb into the bed with her and read her books there! I can't wait!

Let's see, who do you think is more excited about the bed?? ;-)

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