Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer over?

Why is it that Labor Day is the end of Summer? Isn't the end of Summer on September 23rd? I always feel as though we are being rushed into Fall on the day after Labor Day.

Not that I have a problem with Fall. I love Fall - one of my favorite seasons (I tend to like Fall and Spring more than I like Winter and Summer). I just don't want to be rushed into it.

Anyway, school's back in session (not that it effects us all that much yet) and the traffic outside the house has picked up during the morning and afternoon hours and the weather has a nice coolness to it that is usually lacking during the Summer months. A leaf or two have begun to change on the trees outside my office window. I may have put away my "baving soup*" for the last time yesterday (*what Leda calls a bathing suit).

We had a nice holiday weekend at home. On Friday night we had the Flogaus's join us for dinner. Dave and Annie and Brock and I had some nice adult conversation while Leda and Danny played. On Saturday Brock headed up to Pocono for the day of racing the MINI while Leda and I hung out at home. We did a little shopping, napping and then Leda and I painted! We painted a nice picture for Cousin Steven who is in Iraq. Plus a few other paintings that we will have to figure out who to share them with!

On Sunday we headed over to the Durham's for a little Labor Day get together. Leda and I and Daddy all had fun swimming in the pool and playing with Paige and hanging out with good friends. On Monday we relaxed and then headed over to the Shier's for a little last night before school hangout/bbq where we swam some more!

These pictures are in the Durham's pool - Leda LOVES to get in the big pool now that we bought her a little floating device (that would be the yellow thing on her chest). It helps keep her head above water. Brock threw on the pink floaties when we were at the Durham's and all that buoyancy kept her a float enough that we could let her go and she could "swim" on her own. It was quite cute.

Leda is swimming!

In the Pool

Back to work yesterday. No school yet for Leda (next year we'll start her in a pre-school). Short work week and then we are off to New Hampshire for a weekend gathering of Brock's College buddies. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as we may camp out in the tent!

Speaking of which, I set up the tent in the backyard over the weekend to ensure it didn't stink (since it hasn't been used in over 3 years) and to ensure I still remembered how to put it up! Thank goodness it comes with the instructions attached to it's bag, so I can't lose them! Leda had a great time running around in the tent. It has some pockets on the sides to hold things like jewelry and wallets (for when you are inside the tent) and Leda thought they were AWESOME because they were just the right size to hold her Dora books! Wonderful!

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