Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stuck on Reality

I have recently come to the realization that I am stuck on reality.

Yes, I admit it, I watch reality TV shows.

Now, I can honestly say I haven't voted for anything on any reality show other than Dancing with the Stars (and only the last season with Apolo on it!) However, I do love to pick and choose my favorites, and when anyone I wanted to get voted off gets voted off, I sometimes cheer loudly!

I discovered So You Think You Can Dance this summer and I really had fun watching that show! I never voted for anyone on the show, but I was sure rooting for Sabra and am so happy she won! This is probably the only show other than Dancing with the Stars with Apolo on it that I would almost seriously consider calling in a vote. But I didn't!

I LOVE Survivor. I only watched the last show of the first season, but have watched pretty much every season since. It's not something I schedule my life around, but I love to watch it. There is something seriously deranged about shows where people promise things to one another in one breath and turn around and stab them in the back in the next breath and THEN ask those with the knives in their back to vote for them to win in the end! And the final tribal council, when all the jury members get to yell and scream at the two left to win is just priceless! Especially when the jury members did the same or worse stuff they are berating the possible winners for - just priceless!

I never was much of a Big Brother watcher - thought the concept was too weird. But I got sucked into this summer's season. I don't watch it every time it is on (I usually just try to catch the Thursday night show) and I sure as heck didn't pay to watch it online and we don't have Showtime, so it's not like I am watching them 24/7. I am, however, totally rooting for either Dick or his daughter Danielle to win!

When we were at the beach with the Durhams over the summer, there was a Top Chef, Miami marathon on Bravo that Jennifer was watching and again, I got sucked in! I've watched pretty much every episode since. Now that is good reality TV! Anything that has Anthony Bourdain participating as a judge can't be half bad!

Now, I have admitted that I watch these shows and that I like them - in some cases, a lot! I have to admit, it became quite obvious to me that I am stuck on reality when I flipped through the channel menu a few Wednesdays ago and found that Top Chef was all reruns from the previous season. I thought I might even experience a withdraw symptom or two - thank goodness, my addiction is not that bad yet.

Oh, and I dig Miami and LA Ink on TLC - those shows are pretty darn cool. Makes me wanna get a tattoo!

I can safely say you won't ever catch me watching The Bachelor (except for the one episode when the Bachelor (it may have been a bachelorette, I don't remember) took the date on the Portland Spirit - I mean, it is the family business after all!) or any of those stupid dating reality shows - those are just plain stupid. How the heck can you expect to find your one true love out of 25 by dating them all at the same time?? How weird! I don't watch American Idol - unless there is absolutely nothing else to do at that time of the night - and usually I have to turn it off because the singing can be atrocious. And I don't do the Real World or Road Rules (not in the past 5 years or so - seriously, is MTV dead or what??) and I don't do watch any of the Celebrity Reality - except I did watch a bit of the Osbournes a few years back - that was pretty good!

So there, I have admitted it - I am stuck on reality. And, I'm not ashamed (much)!

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