Sunday, September 16, 2007

So Far, So Good...

This will be a pretty quick post, due to the fact I have a headache that has plans to hit the Big Time if I don't get myself to bed and relax.

Last photo in Crib

Saturday morning we all woke up and, after the obligatory last photo of Leda in her crib, we immediately began to disassemble the crib. Leda was a little concerned that we were taking her bed away, but as soon as Brock started to bring the pieces of her new bed into the room so we could put it together, she got over it.

Three hours later, TA DA! Big Girl Bed!

Big Girl Bed

Big Girl looking OH so happy about Big Girl Bed

The dolphin quilt behind her is from her crib bedding set - we obviously never used it and I never had a place I could put it until now! Works perfectly and goes wonderfully with the bed and canopy!

So far, so good. She napped in her bed just fine on Saturday and after we spent the evening with the Durhams, she was so tired by the time we got her home, she was asleep before I left the room! Today, she napped fine (after a few minutes of playing in her bed) and she seems to be asleep now.

She hasn't left the bed yet, so I haven't felt the need to gate her into the bedroom area of the house. I am sure that is just a matter of time. But she seems to understand that she is to stay in the bed until Mommy or Daddy come an get her. Yes, I know that will soon change! But so far, she's been pretty good!

Big hurdle, jumped. Guess we'll see what life decides to bring us in the next couple of days/weeks!

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