Saturday, August 18, 2007

Went to see the Race Cars

It's been a busy and crazy week.

We all planned to spend the day at the Pocono Raceway to watch the SCCA races and see some friends we hadn't seen in a really long time (like, B.L. - Before Leda) and introduce Leda to racing.

Due to an incident which I will give details about later, Brock decided that a ride in the car for an hour and a half up a mountain and then back again wasn't in the cards for him, so I crazily decided to take the kid on my own.

I am exhausted. Leda is exhausted. We had a great time seeing some friends and hanging out with GrandDad Teal and Fay. We watched one race (okay, so we spent most of it - or, let me re-phase, I spent most of it chasing Leda in the grandstands) and had some lunch and got a teddy bear (which, for some reason, had to be given a time-out in the middle of the paddock) and we headed home after about 4 or 5 hours. Mommy even had to grab a cup of coffee for the ride home - I NEVER drink coffee after Noon!

We had a great time. Leda got to sit in some cars and she really seemed to like it. When the race group came down for the start of the race, I almost expected her to startle a little - She isn't afraid of loud noises, but this was one she hadn't experienced before - my child didn't even flinch - nope, she laughed and screamed and watched the cars fly by! Yep, it's gotta be in the genes!

I figure that this must have been what I was like at the track when I was a kid. I expect we shouldn't have too much trouble with her going to races in the next couple of years. At least she liked the race cars!

Anyway, more about our crazy week later. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Oh, and yes, that is my thumb below - taken with my cell phone camera, and I didn't realize my thumb was in the way!

Leda at Pocono Raceway

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