Thursday, August 9, 2007

Need more vacation!

I looked so forward to that vacation in early July when we went to Portland. For months, I looked forward to it! Then, I got sick during that vacation. I enjoyed 1 and a half days of that vacation.

So, I took an extra day for a long weekend in the Thousand Islands last week. We were originally going to go up Thursday night after work and come home Sunday. We went up Wednesday night after work instead. I could have used more - like a whole week!

In any case, we did go to the Thousand Islands, and other than it being REALLY hot the first two days, we had a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

Brock and Leda and I took off immediately after I finished work on Wed, but got stuck in traffic trying to get out of town! We ended up arriving at the house around 10:30 or so - not too bad with only two stops on the way up. Leda did not go to sleep at all the whole ride. We hooked up the portable DVD for her to watch and boy did she. We finally told her no more DVD about 9 or so, but she still didn't go to sleep!

We did get down and to sleep by 11:30 and were up at the crack of dawn. Well, 6:30am, which I guess isn't exactly the crack of dawn, but hey, on the first day of vacation when you aren't sick, it's pretty darn early!

We had a big day ahead. We needed to get some shopping done so we could make dinner for Grandpa and Nana and the Lilly's who were all coming to the Islands that afternoon. We were going to celebrate Brock's birthday with steaks and pasta with pesto (fresh from my garden, of course) and some angel food cake. Which means we needed to get some shopping done so I could get started on the cake!


Grandpa and Nana arrived with the Lilly's not too far behind and we had a great dinner Thursday night. Leda had so much fun she just would NOT go to sleep. We set up a bed on the floor for her - one of those toddler beds with foam sides - in our bedroom off the living area. This was with the hope that when we got her home she wouldn't fight us when we put her to bed, as we had to fight with her for the two weeks after the Portland trip!

We figured she'd pass out being that it was about 9:30 when we tried to get her to go to sleep. She instead found it fun to get out of bed and open the door and peek out. When she got tired of that, she would get pretty quiet and we would go in to find her in the bathroom attached to the bedroom, getting into all kinds of stuff! It was an interesting evening! I finally went to bed around 11 so that Leda would go to sleep and she did.

Up at the crack of dawn again on Friday - okay, 7:30 isn't exactly the crack of dawn, but on the second day of vacation when your cell phone rings and it's your client, it's pretty darn early! Luckily, nothing serious, but as I was to be in Baltimore on Monday for business, it was an important call.

Sarah and Leda decorate the driveway!

Grandpa Reads Dora

Friday we just had a great day! There was riding on the jetski, swimming, hanging out, reading of books and just plain fun. Leda loved playing with her cousins, Sarah and Scott. Friday night we celebrated Scott's birthday (which happened to be the day before, but we had to celebrate Brock's on that day - oh, don't ask, it's too complicated!) and had chocolate cake - which Leda loved!


Again, getting to bed was a bit of an issue. Every time we would put her down in the bed and close the door, she was up and in the bathroom. So, when I finally got fed up (about 20 minutes), I left the door open where I could see her and she could see me, and I sat there and watched that she didn't get up again. She was asleep in 20 minutes!

Saturday was another beautiful day - the best of them all - the heat went away, it was just a delightful day. Again, mostly jetskiing, swimming, reading, hanging out. Our friends, Dan and Deb, came over from Kingston, ON, to visit with us - we were bad Americans, forgot to take our passports with us, so our Canadian friends had to come to the US! But we made up for it by taking them go-carting and inviting them to spend dinner with the Yates-Lillys and celebrate Bobby's birthday (it was actually Bobby's birthday. He was the only one who got to celebrate it on his day!).

Leda went go-carting with her Daddy. She really loved it! I think she especially liked racing Grandpa! Afterwards, we spent some time in the arcade, and I think my child will spend a lot of time in arcades when she grows up - she loved it! She liked playing the games and winning the tickets and we got lots of nice junk to show for it! ;-)


Leda and Daddy Go-Carting

Saturday night when we put Leda to bed, we left the door open as we had the night before. This didn't deter her from being a little pain in the you-know-where! It's amazing this child didn't sleep past 8am until Sunday morning! (and then, just until 8:30 - little pain the butt!)

Sunday morning we packed up and got ready to head home. We spent some time hanging out, but around 1pm we were on our way home again.

Grandpa, Nana and the GrandKids!

It was a wonderful weekend. We had a great time! Wish we could have stayed longer. We may have to schedule a full week in the Islands next year! It's absolutely a wonderful place to be!

And, as always, more pictures can be found here!

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