Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Went to the fair and rode the rides!

(yes, I changed colors again - dude, it's July, it's hot, green is out!)

Last night we went to the Malvern Fair (haven't been in YEARS! Actually, make that DECADES!) with the Durhams and met up with the Baurs (Maureen, John and their little three year old Sydney) and Karen to hang out and let the kids ride some rides. Leda LOVES to ride the rides! She didn't get to ride the roller coaster though, because Mommy didn't want to ride it and apparently neither did Daddy, but Leda REALLY wanted to ride it! I'm just not ready to let her get on rides like that by herself. (by roller coaster, I mean one of those kiddie rides, but still!)

But Brock did take Leda on the Big Slide several times and she LOVED that! And we had to pay twice for the moon bounce, as we couldn't get her to get out after the first time! We ate pizza and french fries and watched all the teenagers mill about! Then, as we were leaving, Leda got to play the "duck" game - you know, you pay your money, pick up a rubber duck from the revolving pond and what ever the mark is on the bottom, that's the prize you win? Remember when those games cost $0.25? 2 bucks now! Leda won a little froggie and a little duckie, both of whom she took to bed last night.

We had a blast and when we headed home, I was really hoping this was the night the child went to bed without the screaming and crying. No deal! Although, she was pretty tired out, so there wasn't so much screaming as moaning and crying. For a half hour. Would love to know when this is gonna stop! Starting to wonder if we are going to pay extra to the babysitter on Friday night for having to deal with all the screaming and crying!

Anyway, it is pretty neat that our kid loves to ride the rides! She doesn't seem to have much fear of anything (except that cookie monster thing, which is just plain weird!). So we are looking forward to the Kimberton Fair next week!

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