Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

(Warning: this post may be a bit disjointed. I'm tired and I don't feel like making it flow properly, so take it as it is! At least you got a warning! hehe)

I have recovered from my near-death experience on Thursday night, if anyone was wondering!

Only to end up with a fever and the aches on Friday afternoon. A call to the doctor had me picking up another round of antibiotics, just in case the bug I have intended to do more harm, and since I am still recovering from pneumonia, that was/is a distinct possibility.

I'm really getting tired of feeling crappy all the time!

Saturday morning I got to sleep a bit late (8:30am is considered late now - sigh!) and after Brock and I got cleaned up (read, took showers), we loaded Leda into the car and Brock got into the truck and off our little caravan when to Ikea. It's like church for us! The Holy Grail of furniture and other domestic goodies stores. Mecca!

We were going to buy Leda a big girl bed. We walked the whole store, finally found the beds (they've remodeled a bit, so everything is a little moved around) and we looked for the perfect one. We have really wanted to get this one for Leda as soon as we saw it a few years ago, but of course as a loft bed, not exactly something we thought would be a good idea at this time - then, we saw it - and it is REVERSIBLE! What a novel idea! And, it appeared to be in stock! And Leda loved it! So we picked out a mattress and we headed down to the self-serve bins to grab our bed.


Now, I am a bit irritable these days (comes from being sick and/or not feeling 100% for over a month now), so I start freaking out that there's no sign mentioning they are sold out, there was no mention of it on the showroom floor, etc. I find someone to help and he looks it up - yep, out of stock. Then, THEN, I am told, it's not just out of stock, it's discontinued - there will be a new color (the sides are blue) and they expect sometime in August, but don't know exactly when.

So, we leave Ikea empty handed, and my weekend is ruined. (okay, I am prone to exaggerate when I am irritable).

We got home and I decided I needed to shop AND ACTUALLY BUY SOMETHING! So off to Target I go to buy a few twin size mattress protectors, sheets and comforter for the bed WE DO NOT HAVE YET! While I was at it, I bought the new Big&Rich CD, an attachment for my iPod so it will play in the car (SO COOL!) and the new Harry Potter book.

This is a warning to all of you who read Harry Potter and know me - I have yet to read book 6 - I went a whole two years not knowing what happened in book 6 until we went to Portland (I won't name names, but yes, someone told me something very important that happens in the book - TWO YEARS I went without knowing what happened in book six - I am one who checks all the spoiler sites for my favorite shows but I am not the same about books! I must not know what happens in a book or it ruins it for me. So, please, no one tell me what happens in book 7, unless you know for sure that I have read it! (You know who you are!)

I checked out my new iPod gadget when I arrived home and Brock was watching the TV show about the One Lap (if you get CMT (Country Music Television) and you are so inclined, it's the show called Born Country about the "Real Cannonball.") and Steve pulls in the drive and my cousin Elizabeth calls both at the same time! Steve was delivering Kohler donuts in a nice canvas Kohler tote bag that they purchased for me while they were down the shore! And Elizabeth called because she was channel surfing and came across Brock on TV! Pretty darn funny!

Sunday morning I woke up late again (8:30 - I really have a hard time calling that late!) and to a yucky morning - it was raining and thundering and just plain gross. It was a good day to stay in the house and just veg out. So, while Leda played, I made the decision to start reading book 6 of the Harry Potter series! Of course, the reason I hadn't read it by now was because when I attempted to two years ago, I realized that I couldn't remember what happened in book 5 since it had been so long ago that I had read the first 5 books. So I put it down and picked up 5. I started reading, and realized, I didn't remember what happened in 4 (are you catching my drift?) It was about that time that the 4th movie was about to come out or had come out, so I decided, I would watch the first 4 movies, read 5 and THEN read 6.

I never did get around to seeing 4, and I own the DVD of the movie!

Anyway, I cheated. I read the last few chapters of book 5 and started book 6 today.

For the past couple of months, I've been making dinner on Sunday nights (okay, in the past several months, I've made dinner on a few Sundays) and I decided that this week we needed to use some of the basil in the garden. Yeah, remember my garden? I planted basil from seed toward the end of spring? This is what it looks like (and this is after I pulled about 2 cups full to make the pesto I made tonight which, by the way, was pretty darn good - maybe could have used a little more salt, pepper and a wee bit more garlic)

Sweet Basil

The rest of the garden is also thriving! The two cherry tomato plants we planted are just over growing the pepper plants. I guess we will plant things a bit further a part next year and use the same organic fertilizer we did this year! WOW! Yes, that bush in the corner is TWO cherry tomato plants! The rest of the bushy part around it are several varieties of peppers.

Garden, 2007

Leda mentioned birthday cake today (every so often she talks about birthday cake, ever since I made her one from scratch for her 2nd birthday) and since Brock's birthday is this week, I decided I would try making an angel food cake from scratch. Believe it or not, it turned out really good! And Leda LOVED it! Of course, we had to bribe her into eating her dinner (or some of her dinner) before she could have some birthday cake!

It was a good weekend. Even though I wasn't too happy on Saturday morning, and Leda's not in a big girl bed yet, it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. We'll try again sometime next month to get Leda into her big girl bed. At least she's stopped screaming bloody murder every night when we put her down! Next weekend we head up to the Thousand Islands for a long weekend with Grandpa and Nana and the Lillys who are visiting! We can't wait. Leda has asked a few times this afternoon, after I mentioned we would be going to see them this weekend, when she would see Sarah and Scotty! I think she's looking forward to seeing her cousins!

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