Monday, July 2, 2007

Vacation? Great. Being Sick? Sucks!

Will probably do a more extensive update of our busy, busy wedding weekend later, when I HOPEFULLY feel better.

We are down the beach now, it's beautiful here. I've been sick for pretty much the entire trip so far. Saturday I believe I was sporting a wonderful fever and that traveled on into Sunday. I am on the antibiotics that my good doctor neighbor prescribed for me before I left, in case of such a thing happening. I'm just worn out from all the coughing - which doesn't stop at all during the night - I have taken to sleeping upright as much as I can so I can at least get a hour or two in between coughing fits.

Leda's been wonderful. She flew beautifully. She's been sleeping between Brock and I in a king size all weekend and that is going pretty well - she kicks us once in a while, but she's sleeping through my coughing fits!

Have started to feel better today, although am now losing my voice, probably due to the coughing! Hopefully I will feel even better tomorrow - maybe I can even enjoy a walk on the beach without having to sit down - it wears me out!

I promise, as I feel better, maybe even tonight, I will recap the wedding of the century and post some spectacular pictures of the great north west!

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