Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Weekend could NOT arrive quicker!

I haven't had bouts of insomnia since I was in the throes of the last months of pregnancy (and no, I am not pregnant). Until the past few nights - I have woken up in the middle of the night and after many minutes to a half hour of trying to get back to sleep, have found myself at the computer doing work or searching for the symptoms of meningitis!

Okay, so I got a little paranoid last night, but I KNEW something wasn't completely right with my little girl. Her nose had been running for about a week or so (I can't keep track - it seems to be running ALL THE TIME!) and last night she started coughing in her sleep. She coughed much of the night (At least, she coughed on and off for the two hours I was awake last night!)

It didn't sound good. I started to get concerned that something might be wrong with her. She felt cool to the touch last night and in the middle of the night, so I wasn't completely worried. But I think the lack of sleep caused my paranoid little brain to go into overdrive!

This morning we went in to get the little one and when I asked her if she wanted to come lie in bed with Mommy for a little while and she said yes, I picked her up and the heat coming off her was unbelievable! Turns out, 101.5 degree temperature (with the ear sensor thermometer).

So, Tylenol on board, she said she wanted her morning milk and she drank that down without issue. I asked her if her ears hurt and she shook her head yes, so I was pretty sure that the Doctor (who we had called and were told to bring her on in) was going to tell us it was an ear infection. The paranoid me thought it had to be something much worse!

So, into the car and over to the doctor's we went. Leda was excited to go see "Her Doctor." We thought that was interesting! ;-) Brock dropped us off at the front door and as Leda and I waited for the elevator up to the doctor's office, I heard it, so I was sorta prepared, but couldn't do anything when the milk that Leda had drank but an hour before came up and covered both her and me in a smell that NO ONE should have to smell on just a half cup of coffee! She didn't say anything before, she didn't cry, she didn't complain, just threw it right up!

So, up to the doctor's office, smelling of sour milk (thank goodness she didn't have her cheerios for breakfast!). Not 20 minutes later we were leaving with a script for antibiotics to take care of the ear infection in her left ear. The stomach issue may have had something to do with the car ride over - not feeling well, fever, and an ear infection probably contributed.

Home to shower and get to work - all-in-all, 1 hour and fifteen minutes from our front door to our front door! LOVE this doctor's office!!

Leda's feeling much better now. Temp came down very quickly after the the Tylenol was administered. She didn't eat a lot during the day, but ate a good dinner. Hopefully the ear will clear up nicely and all will be well soon! And my paranoid little brain will take a break on me for a little while!

I'm tired, exhausted even! I'm really thinking of going to bed now that the child is in bed and it's only 8:15! If I don't find something else to do like read a book or watch something on TV. I'm just hoping I don't wake up in the middle of the night again!

On the extended family front, we are keeping in our thoughts my cousin, Lieutenant Steven, who is leaving on deployment to Iraq today. We hope he stays safe and we see him home, safe, soon.

Working for that weekend - I can't WAIT!! Short work weeks after a holiday weekend sometime suck! ;-)

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