Monday, May 21, 2007

We love a parade!

The last day of the Dogwood Festival is the Dogwood Parade. When I used to live downtown, I lived on the third story and I used to watch the parade come down my street from the comfort of my own living room. Saturday, Brock, Leda and I watched it from the middle of Bridge Street!

Dogwood Parade, 2007

Leda had a great time - eating candy! Every float, truck, car - just about everyone in the parade - throws candy into the crowd. It's gotten so that kids bring bags with them to the parade. Of course, the sight of our adorable little girl sitting there watching the parade go by meant we had more than enough candy! Brock kept giving it to another family with bigger kids across the way. But Leda got her mits on a few pieces of candy. We let her being that it's okay to be a kid once in a while! ;-)

Sugar High

Leda didn't seem to interested in most of the parade (except the candy part) but she did stare down the Moose from the Moose Lodge - thought that was the weirdest thing she ever saw! We also saw Sally Starr - she used to be on Philadelphia TV a long time ago.

Dogwood Parade, 2007

She didn't seem afraid of any of it. I think she liked the string bands a bit and she didn't seem afraid of the fire truck noises or when the giant Steam Calliope came down the street (let me tell you, I used to miss Dela (my cat) for about three days after the parade when that thing came down the street! LOUD!!!)

Dogwood Parade, 2007

After the parade, Leda went down for a good nap - the combination of an evening out on Friday night playing with her buddy Danny and the sugar rush of Parade candy zonked her out! In fact, we all went down for a nice nap. We got up and headed over to the Durhams for a little bar-b-q and watching the Preakness and the NASCAR All-Star race. (the Preakness was the better of the two!)

On Sunday we finished up cleaning up the patio and cleaning the garden - something we started Saturday morning. We planted a little veggie and herb garden - tomatoes and peppers, I guess that constitutes a veggie garden! In the afternoon we headed out to a local school to see a dance recital. Our friends the Aunt Kate and the Shier girls and Aunt Jennifer were all dancing in it. Luckily for us, they all danced early in the show, because Leda lost interested after the first dance or two! ;-) We headed off to the Durhams for some pizza for dinner and playing with Paige and Sydney. Leda had a blast with the girls!

It was a great weekend. Not long enough, as usual. But that's okay, we got a three day weekend coming up here with Grandma and Granddaddy coming!! We plan on a day at the Zoo on Saturday! Can't wait!

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