Monday, May 14, 2007

Not a single parent anymore!

Yeaaaa! Daddy's home.

Brock got home last night and we had time for a nice dinner outside on the patio and Leda got to show off her amazing verbal skills to her daddy. She's talking up a storm these days!

Leda must not have known it was Mother's Day yesterday because I didn't get much sleep the night before! Up every hour and a half yelling for the "pink baby bottle" or the "white baby bottle" - which ever had fallen out of bed at that hour of the morning...

...Back track...

Leda loves to feed her baby dolls their "baby bottle." So much so, that she will not only take the baby to daycare, but the baby bottle as well. Last Friday, she took the "pink baby bottle" (and she calls it that!) with her and we thought it got lost at daycare so when I got her home on Friday night, after listening to "I want the pink baby bottle, Mommy" ALL THE WAY HOME and then some, I dug deep into the toy box and found another baby bottle. This one was white. So Leda had something new to obsess over.

Then, sometime on Saturday, I found the pink baby bottle in her daycare bag. So Leda had TWO bottles to obsess over - the "pink baby bottle" and the "white baby bottle". I, for some strange reason - I must have been EXHAUSTED - I let her take the baby bottles to bed with her (and her baby doll). Thus the reason for being awoken every 90 minutes to fetch the correct baby bottle off the floor for the child!

Leda was told, at 4:30 in the morning, that she would NOT EVER be allowed to take ANY COLOR baby bottle to bed with her EVER AGAIN!

The rest of Mother's Day went okay, other than the abrasion that my child now has just under her right eye! That's right, the child now has an abrasion AND a bit of a black eye from a fall she took and hit the concrete steps with her face. I am pretty sure this child takes after her mother in the fact that as a child, I tended to injure my face more than any other part of my body.

I did get a meal made for me - sorta. Leda put a few of her plastic food on a plate and handed it to me - "here you go, Mommy" she says to me. Then, she takes it from me and says "I cook it Mommy" and takes it over to her kitchen, opens the microwave door, puts it in, closes the door, and presses the buttons. She turns and looks at me with a grin that indicates that I should be SO proud of her abilities (which I am!) and when I ask her if it is done, she nods and takes it out of the microwave and brings it over to me. She announces, as she hands it to me, "it hot, Mommy."

The cutest kid ever, I tell ya!

She was so happy to see her Daddy, I am pretty sure everyone in town heard her yelling and squealing with joy when he pulled in the driveway! She was quite a happy little girl last night, to have her whole family together again. I think she was even happy to have Duff around! ;-)

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