Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Miscellany or The REAL reason we wanted to have a kid

This past weekend, Brock took some time from packing his bags and making lists for One Lap to wash the cars. He decided it was high time to put the kid to work - I mean, that's the real reason we wanted a kid - cheap labor!

Cheap Labor

Yes, she was soaking wet! And, since it wasn't THAT warm yet, she got changed immediately! But she had fun!

Everything is looking so good around here! And the air smells so good - It's one of those amazing things about spring - one day there's barely a bud on a tree, the next day everything is blooming and the air is full of all the good smelling things like lilacs and flowers and growing grass!

I took a 10 minute break this afternoon to stand on my patio and look at my tulips, which this year are just bountiful - and they are all about to bloom!

Just before Leda went down for bed, we spent a few minutes taking the dog for a walk and the air was just fragrant with the lilacs that are about to bloom. I think I might have some pictures to take of them over the weekend!

It's beautiful here this week. That's a good thing!

(and yes, that DID sound so Martha - I think I just gagged myself!)

Well, it appears that Leda has a new doctor. I got a couple of recommendations yesterday and the first one I got a hold of gave me an appointment early in the morning next week! So I took it! Leda will be going to the same doctors as Paige goes to. Of course, I am still upset about having to leave my doctor, and even more now that I find out that one of the doctors is an ex-Cowboy - as in Dallas Cowboys. Jennifer assures me this is NOT the main reason they like this medical group. She also informs me that he is an Eagles fan now. Let me just say he'd better be a darn good doctor and NOT make me wait! (not that we are actually seeing that particular doctor next week!)


Leda and I are looking forward to a road trip next week! Yes, I am ABSOLUTELY nuts and plan to pack a two year old into a car with a DVD player and as many snacks and I can get a hold of as well as every DVD I can think of to keep her busy with, and we are going to drive to South Bend next weekend for the end of the One Lap. Yes, that's 8 hours in a car with a two year old. By myself.

As scary as it might sound, I think it might be some fun. I don't plan on making it out there in 8 hours - I expect it will take at least 10. I also expect that Leda will nap some too. I fully expect to stop for periods of longer than 5 or 10 minutes so that we can get out and stretch our legs. I am thinking of doing some internet research this weekend to see what might be on the way that we can stop and see - some roadside fun. Brock will be caravaning home with us so it's not as bad as it seems, we'll be able to trade cars if need be.

And, I really need a road trip! I used to like hoping into the car for a long trip by myself. I am actually looking forward to it. I also have a plan - if Leda's got me crazy before Pittsburgh, we turn around and come home. If we make it past Pittsburgh (actually, if we make it to Ohio), then we go all the way. That's pretty much mid-way.

I expect lots of stories from this trip! ;-)

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