Monday, May 28, 2007

Lions and No Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

What a weekend we have had! Thank goodness we have an extra day to relax and get rested!

Friday afternoon the Grand-parental units arrived! Grandma and Granddaddy came to visit us for a couple of days and we had a really nice evening sitting on the patio and enjoying some good food. We got to bed early because on Saturday, we went to the Zoo!

Saturday morning, Mom-ma and Pop-pa Daddy, as Leda has taken to calling Grandma and Granddaddy, came over for breakfast and then we all headed down to the Philadelphia Zoo. This was Leda's first trip and mine and Grandma's first trip in a REALLY long time!

Earlier in the week, the weather was supposed to be in the 70s, very nice. As the week wore on, the temperature kept creeping up and Saturday ended up being REALLY hot - about 87 degrees when we left the zoo around 2! The humidity wasn't too bad, but it was bad enough for the end of May! The animals weren't too interested in doing much but lying around. But at least we got to see most of them.

Leda seemed to be interested enough in the animals. She was much more interested in buckling the belts of her stroller every time she got out or got in! Weird! Does anyone else's child do that?? I understand my niece Sami does, so it must run in the family! Unfortunately for me, it's apparently in my genes, and not Brock's!

We checked out the Big Cats and I got to see a black jaguar - he was cool! We got to see the lions, but no Tigers this trip - Kira had babies late last week, so she and her cubs were "behind the scenes" resting. Hopefully we can take Leda down in the fall to see the babies!

We got to see bears and giraffes and zebras and penguins and flamingos and all sorts of animals. We also got to see the Elephants one last time before they leave the zoo for good. Apparently the zoo couldn't raise the money needed to expand their elephant exhibit, so they elephants are going to places that have bigger enclosures for them to roam around in. So we were happy we got to seem them before they went away.

Mom-ma and Leda check out the Polar Bears

We spent a good amount of time at the zoo and we all tired out pretty good! We headed home to cool off and relax for a little while and we decided to head out for a nice dinner.

Mom-ma and Pop-pa Daddy stopped by on Sunday morning to say good-bye before they headed to NJ to visit with Pop-pa Daddy's family. We were very happy they came to see us!!

Grandma, Leda and Granddaddy

Grandma, Leda and Granddaddy

Daddy, Leda and I lounged around for most of Sunday - watched a little of the Indy 500 race (that start SUCKED!) and then got ourselves ready and headed over to the Shiers' for a little b-b-q and swimming in their new pool. Daddy and Leda went swimming, Mommy wasn't ready for bathing suit time, yet! We had a nice evening with friends and home early to bed.

Today we plan to do not much of anything. A good do-nothing-day! Save our energy for the rest of the week!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend!

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