Friday, May 11, 2007

Levels of Weird

As I was on my way to pick Leda up at daycare, I put on WOGL - the oldies station in town.

This has been the oldies station in town for as long as I can remember, btw.

Anyhoo, Michael Jackson's Don't Stop til You Get Enough was playing, so I turned it up and started doing a little in-the-car-seat-dancing, and thought to myself, Self, this was before Michael Jackson got all weird.

Then I thought, well, no, actually, this was just a lower level of Michael Jackson weird, before he went all, off the charts weird.

The next song that came on was Vehicle by Ides of March. This was one of the songs that Rhythm and Blue Fish used to sing a hundred years ago when we used to go out every weekend to a bar where they were playing. So I turned up the radio even louder and jammed.

Then I think the next song was something that came out the year I graduated high school.

It was just about then that I realized that the oldies station that has been around since BEFORE I graduated high school was now playing stuff that wasn't so old the years I was in high school and that I had entered a whole new level of weird myself!

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