Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going to Margaritaville, NYC!

(Sung to the tune of a little brat of a kid who has something you don't)...

We got Jimmy Buffett tickets, we got Jimmy Buffett tickets. Na na na na NA NA! ;-)

We have to go to New York City to see him play, but we got Jimmy Buffett Tickets!

We had to pay an arm and a leg, but we got Jimmy Buffett Tickets!

Will probably be the last Buffett concert we go to if ticket prices stay at or go higher than they are now - wow!

But in September we will be heading to Madison Square Garden to see Jimmy and bask in all that is Margaritaville!

Wow - three big concerts this year and not one in Philly - The Police in Hershey, Big & Rich in Bethlehem, PA and Buffett in NYC.

Gonna be a great summer!

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