Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Fair is in Town

This week is the Dogwood Festival and Brock and I and Leda headed out to the fair this evening to meet up with Dave and Annie and Danny and Bob and Lee (Dave's parents).

There was riding on rides, there was eating of food, there was only one funnel cake eaten - and for those of you who know my husband's NEED for 10,000 funnel cakes in one sitting (yes, I am not kidding, and yes, it's sick how freaking skinny he can stay and eat that crap!), one funnel cake has got to be a record.

We have discovered our child's love of rides. She definitely takes after her Mommy on liking to ride the rides, except for the fact that she likes the Ferris Wheel, which Mommy refuses to get onto - not with the case of fear of heights I got and the fact that no matter what I GET STUCK AT THE TOP EVERY FREAKIN' TIME!

She had an awesome time, and she was just so darn cute! She had a lot of fun with Danny, too! I think it's a love connection!

Leda and Danny

Leda at the Fair

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