Friday, April 6, 2007

My first Meme - Real Moms

Well, thanks to Colleen over at Delaney Diaries I have been tagged with my first meme (for those of you not so blog and Internet savvy, memes (pronounced like "theme") is described here)

As Colleen points out, this meme was started here.

So, without further ado....

Real Moms hide the books they have read WAY TOO MANY TIMES and CAN'T BEAR to read again (Real Dads do it too!)!

Real Moms carry diapers/pull-ups in their purses and pull them out when looking for the wallet to pay the nice lady!

Real Moms have watched Finding Nemo at least 8 times in the past two weeks (just keep watching, just keep watching).

Real Moms forget to take the camera on special occasions at least half the time.

Real Moms can't remember a single thing they did five minutes ago.

Real Moms put their shoes on when their child goes to find them, bring them to her and demand that she put them on so that we can go outside.

Real Moms will take the clothes off the baby doll - no, put the clothes back on the baby doll - no, take the clothes off the baby doll - no, put them back on - over and over and over and etc.....

Real Moms feel good when their children cry because Mom is leaving.

Today was Leda's day care Easter party. We were invited to join the kids in an egg hunt so Brock and I headed on over. Leda was so happy to see us arrive. We had a great time - Leda found 12 eggs! We went back inside after the hunt (which lasted all of about 10 minutes because it was too darn cold outside) and we checked out our bounty. There were a couple hard-boiled eggs and some eggs with surprises in them like a necklace and some stickers and even some gummy bears (organic, no sugar!). We had fun watching all the kids open their eggs and then it was time for lunch and for us to leave. Leda went ballistic! She pushed Ms. Kim away and held onto me really tight. She wouldn't let me go and she wasn't too happy to see me leave.

Leda loves going to day care - she likes playing with the kids and we know she loves Ms. Kim. Early on it was tough for me to think she may like Ms. Kim more than me because she spent a few days a week with Ms. Kim and only full weekends with me. I know it wasn't a completely rational feeling or thought, but if you are a working mom, you probably had the same feeling/thoughts at some point - it's part of that whole tug of war that any mom goes through who decides to continue working (for necessity or for sanity ;-) after the birth of a child.

So, part of me felt bad, I mean it wasn't fun to leave my child screaming, thinking I was leaving her. But in a way, I felt good. It let me know that Leda really did love me and didn't like to be away from me. And, Ms. Kim did call us to let us know Leda calmed down almost immediately after we left.

I don't have a picture of my screaming child, but I do have some of her finding eggs and eating her gummy bears!

Hunting Easter Eggs

Eating Gummy Bears!

I tag anyone who wants to have a go at the Real Moms Meme!

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