Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Leda's TWO!

Leda officially turned TWO today (although she's been acting like a two year old for about six months now!)

Today started with a little present opening before breakfast. Mommy and Daddy took Leda shopping a few weeks ago for one of her presents - a table and chairs of her own (Ikea, of course!) but today she got to open her special present from Mommy and Daddy - a Dora doll!

The Dora doll comes with two outfits two books and a dog. A dog? Dora doesn't have a dog! Well, the doll comes with one, which doesn't seem to bother Leda - she hasn't been asking where Boots is yet!

We also opened our box from Aunt Joan and Uncle Wayne - blocks! Daddy is REALLY excited about the blocks! Leda placated Daddy for a minute or two and went back to Dora!

Leda models her new dress from Aunt Judy!

Leda also got a dress from Aunt Judy and Uncle Paul that we let her wear today for her birthday. Well, more like MADE her wear. Leda doesn't often wear dresses because usually I put one on her and she immediately would take it off. Today I put the dress on her and she pouted at me, "Mommy, No Dress, No Dress, Mommy" but we made her wear it and when the ladies at day care gave her all the attention a little girl wearing a cute little dress for the first time gets, Leda has decided that wearing a dress isn't so bad after all! ;-)

Flowers and Dora

Leda got Flowers from Grandma, because she should ALWAYS expect roses. She got a bunch of things from Aunt Claire and Uncle Bob and Sarah and Scott - a tower of puzzles (which Mommy and Daddy have had LOADs of fun putting back together, thank you very much!), a toy trumpet from Scott (which she loves!), a dolly from Sarah (which she is sleeping with right now), a pair of green crocs and a toy cell phone that looks really real! She got her inch of pearls from her Grandpa and Nana (which Mommy promptly put with her pearls from last year for safe keeping) and a cool ABC puzzle board from Aunt Diane and Uncle Tony!

Granddad and Fay came by for cake and ice cream tonight and Leda got a carry-on bag for her toys and books to take with her on plane rides and long car rides. Specifically we will be using it for our trip to Portland. It's cool - it's a carry-on bag with a handle and wheels so she can wheel it through the airport and it's also got straps so she can wear it like a backpack. She got to putting all her stuff in it right away and then modeled it for us - she almost toppled over backwards!


The fun doesn't end today. On Friday evening we will go out to dinner and over to Sears for our annual portrait and on Saturday we are having some friends over for dinner and cake. And there's apparently more fun stuff on the way for Leda to open!

I can't believe she's two. It doesn't seem possible that only two short years ago she came into this world. She's grown so big and she's so charismatic and smart as a whip.

Back when Leda gave up the bottle at bedtime, I started reading (well, singing, it's a book of songs) this Bedtime for Nemo book and not too many nights after that, we added Goodnight Moon to the books we read for bed. Tonight just before dinner, Leda was in her room looking at the books. I watched her page through the first or two pages of Goodnight Moon saying, "Goodnight Moon, Cow over Moon" and I went back into the kitchen. Since dinner was ready, I went in and told Leda to come in to eat and she insisted on finishing the book. On the last three pages, Leda read, "Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air, Goodnight noises everywhere" closed the book and started into the dining room. I was stunned - she had just read the exact words on the pages and turned the pages at the exact right time.

Who would have thought, two years ago tonight, that we'd have such a precious and joyful little girl to watch grow? Wow - look what we did!

Happy Birthday, Baby Cakes!

Leda's TWO!

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