Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A funny thing happened on my way to vote...and other stuff

So I am logging onto my computer last night after "Dancing with the Stars" so I can vote for Apolo (yes, I have voted EACH and EVERY week so far! I am a devoted fan! I also feel, as an American, it is my duty to vote ;-) and who but my Mother instant messages me almost immediately asking me if I what I am doing is voting for Apolo -felt very much the same way I felt two weeks ago when Brock caught me voting for the very first time. Of course, I laughed and asked her what SHE was doing, voting for Apolo, too? To my surprise (and, may I add, delight!), she replied yes, she had just spent her 10 votes on Apolo!

Now, everyone, go get yourself an abc.com user name and login and remember to vote every Monday night for Apolo Ono! He Must Continue!

I have been tagged with my first meme by Colleen about Real Moms. I totally plan to post on this soon (hopefully by the end of the week - I TOTALLY agree with Colleen's first Real Moms statement - too tired and busy to post to the blog more than once a week!) I need to think about it some.

Last Thursday night was Leda's last bottle before bed. Brock was off in the wilds of western PA over the weekend, so Leda and I spent Friday night having a little Boston Market meatloaf! She got some milk with her meal and so I put it in a sippy cup for her and she drank it before bed - and didn't NEED the bottle. So I thought I would try something similar on Saturday night.

I gave her a sippy cup with milk just before bed and we read a book and she went to bed without needing a bottle and without fuss!

Last night she wasn't happy to be going to bed and not have her sippy cup in bed with her. As we have NEVER left a bottle or sippy cup in bed with her, I was a little worried about trying this, but I figured that as soon as she fell asleep I could sneak in and grab it from her. So I let her have it. About a half hour or so later, I went in and took it out of her crib. I did the same tonight. No bottle, no fuss, no screaming, boy, that was too darn easy! I LOVE it!

Now, if only I could figure out how to get her to stop using the binky at night and nap time!

Cutest kid....EVER!

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