Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend, although not completely over, has been beautiful. Yesterday was a beautiful 76 degree day with not a cloud in the sky. Today is going to be around 80 with not a cloud in the sky.

Makes you think about gardening and things like that, so Leda and I are off to the garden center today to begin the process. Nothing exciting yet, just some containers and some herb seeds for the herb garden I plan to attempt this year. Something a little different I figure. We'll see how that one pans out! If I don't kill them from the get-go, we may have some herbs for the kitchen well into next winter!

Yesterday I did a little birthday shopping for a little girl who will be turning TWO this week! Can't quite believe she's almost two! I ended up having to get the "big" present off due to not being able to find it at Target (WHAT? Unable to find Dora dress-up doll at Target? Home of everything Dora? Unbelievable!). I wanted to get her Little Mermaid but couldn't find it at Target either (!!!) I did find Happy Feet and being a penguin lover (and a Hugh Jackman lover - I didn't know he voiced one of the characters!!) I grabbed it up and we watched it for our Saturday night movie. Leda wasn't too interested in the movie as she is in Cars or Finding Nemo, but Brock and I liked it! Cute movie!

It was a nice little third Anniversary present to myself, too. Yesterday was the Third Anniversary of the day I quit smoking. Cold Turkey. No Patch. No Pill. No Gum. Cold Turkey. And believe me, labor was not NEARLY as hard as that! I STILL crave a cigarette - not every day now, no, only every other day. And maybe twice a day depending on the stress level. But I have been very good about not smoking another cigarette since 11:30pm, April 21st, 2004. And yes, I remember every last drag of that cigarette! I have to. It's the last one I ever plan on having.

So, off to enjoy the beautiful day with my beautiful almost two years old daughter. It will be the last weekend she will be one years old! If I can tear her away from Dora!

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