Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

We had a wonderful thanksgiving this year. We had planned to be at home, just the three of us. Brock planned to make a 17 pound turkey that would keep us in leftover heaven for weeks. Our wonderful next door neighbor invited us to spend the day with her family and bring our turkey, so we did.

Showing off her shoes
Leda in her Thanksgiving outfit - her Grandma bought it for her!

It was really nice. We had a wonderful time. And my pies, they went over really well. They actually tasted really good! If I do say so myself!

Leda had fun playing with Connor and Katlyn (her sometime babysitters!) and eating lots of crackers and apple sauce, not so much room left for turkey. But she had some of Mommy's Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie and she LOVED it! Oh, and the chocolate covered almonds weren't bad either...


Today we hung out, cleaned the living room, took a nap and Mommy went shopping - yes, I ventured near to a store on the one day of the year that I shun going shopping. But I went late in the afternoon (around 2 - when shopping malls open around 2:30 in the freaking morning around here, 2 is late in the afternoon!) and I was only going to Target and only getting Christmas cards, so that if the mood is right on Sunday, I will get my Christmas cards ready to go! Then, I got really adventurous and went out to purchase new curtains for the living room. Not too bad there either. No way will you get me near a mall on Black Friday though, no matter how much the discounts are!

Tonight we hung out with friends at the Shiers and had some good Japanese food (sushi, shasmi, tempura, etc...) Leda was having fun with all the kids and when we got our food (the kids all got to eat hot dogs) our child was the only one that joined us for Japanese food. She had to have her eda mame! It appears that we don't have to shell them anymore, the kid, she shelled her own eda mame! And she had a little noodle...WITH CHOP STICKS. Yes, my child used chop sticks tonight - not perfectly, but she used them the way you would use chop sticks. It was amazing!

So, halfway into the holiday weekend and so far, so good. Tomorrow night is my 20th high school reunion, which could prove interesting, so check back at the end of the weekend!

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