Monday, November 6, 2006

Sick House

We are all sick here...well, some more than others, some less than others.

Leda had a cold, I got it, Brock got it, Brock never really got over it, got bad again, gave it back to me and subsequently Leda seems to be getting it now, too!

Can't wait until Spring. Seems that might be when the cold season is over. Yuck!

Got pictures from my Mother of all the girls together when we were in my arm is in the picture, but it's pretty good non-the-less.

Sami, Abby and Leda

Leda kept trying to take Abby's hand off her shoulder, thus the reason for my hand!

Then there are the set of Leda and Sami eating birthday cake...two of my favs:

Leda and Sami eat cake!

The best the look on Sami's face!

Hey, is she eating my cake?

Hopefully we will all be back to normal here soon.

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