Sunday, November 12, 2006


Well, all of us are on the road to recovery - I hope!

Let's see, recap of the sickness - Brock had a nasty cough that kept him (and I) awake most nights for the past two weeks. I caught the cold not to long after Brock did, which meant Brock AND I were up most nights coughing away. I subsequently lost my voice on Wed. It did come back (barely) on Thur and I was sounding like Brenda Vaccaro on Friday! Leda seemed to only get the runny nose, but then we noticed that she had gunk coming out of her eyes. So, for a few days, we were keeping an eye out for pink eye, which, luckily, never appeared and she seems much better now (except for the look like she went ten rounds with Muhammad Ali). We figure it was a sinus infection that just worked its way out.

Anyway, we all seem to be better today.

Brock and I did venture out last night for a concert - our first in MONTHS! We went to see Arlo Guthrie and Friends at a small local theater. We had great seats (about 6th row center - awesome!) Arlo had his daughter Sarah Lee and her husband playing with him as well as his son Abe and other band member Gordon and his grandson on drums. Later in the concert, two of his granddaughters joined the band (one was about 7 or 8 playing clarinet and the other was about 3 and very cute!)

It was a great concert, as usual (being only our second time seeing Arlo, it was just as good if not better than the first time). Stories were told, great songs were sung and, the icing on the cake, he did Alice's Restaurant! That was worth the cost of the tickets, the rest was just awesome! It's amazing he can do Alice's Restaurant pretty much word for word 40 years later! Believe me, as awful as I felt yesterday morning and was considering not going to the concert, I am VERY glad I went!

So, we are doing okay here again. The next week is pretty busy for me work wise, as I have my first installation going live by the end of the week (baring any issues). So, don't expect too much in the next week. Hopefully after that, I will be able to do some more updating. With pictures too!

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