Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mad as you know what...

And, no, this is not a rant about the Eagles - although pretty darn mad about them too, but pretty much resigned to rooting for da Bears this year!

No, this is about the freaking heron that has been hanging out around our pond for the past several days.

Yes, we have a heron that has come by to hang out around our pond on occasion. Yesterday I actually saw him (no, I didn't take any pictures, sorry). He's huge - stands probably as tall as about 3 or 4 feet. Know why he's huge?

Remember my fish? (If you click there you will learn all about my fish)

Yeah, well, good thing I took a picture of my fish to remember them by because that darn heron ATE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

Yesterday, when Brock came in to tell me the heron was back, we went out and he was standing at the middle pond (end of the creek just before it goes into the big pond) where we had had some fish hanging out - the heron flew away (low enough that he stopped traffic on the road) and I found NO FISH. I checked on my 30 or so in the big pond and they were fine.

Today, the heron was back - Brock and our neighbors had scared him away several times, but he managed to eat every last one of the fish in the big pond by 10:30am.

All my fish, gone.

There's a heron flying around these parts who's days are numbered if I see him again.

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