Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Technically, Leda's second Halloween, but her first shot at Trick or Treatin' and let me tell ya, by the third house, the kid, she was a pro.

We headed over to Steve and Kate's neighborhood to go trick or treatin' since we really don't have a neighborhood to do so in. The Durhams and the Gabbs and the Shier kids all dressed in their finest Halloween outfits...
The Motley Crew!
(Thea, Brennan, Jane, Susy's friend (I didn't catch the name), Leda and Susy)

We headed out and up to the first door. Leda went with Daddy and didn't seem to have much of a problem. I really thought she might not be very comfortable doing this, but by the third house, the one I went with her to, she walked right up, the lady gave her something for her bag and Leda watched her put it in, reached in, looked at it, threw it back in, the lady asked her if it was okay and she said, "No!" So the lady gave her another one, and off she went! It was hysterical!


Each house we went to after that, Leda would walk right up, stick her hand in the basket, pull out one treat and put it in her bag and off we went. She never attempted to get more. She LOVED the houses with the doggies! She would go right by the candy basket then to see the doggie! Luckily all the doggies were tied up or behind a door - only when they were a nice doggie did Leda get to pet them!

She had a great time. She didn't so much like sharing her wagon with Paige, but oh well! I think we will find next year she won't need Mommy or Daddy to go with her to the door!


Oh, and next year, if her hair doesn't grow in by then, she's wearing a girl outfit...Paige had a "really cute little brother!" ;-)

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