Monday, October 23, 2006

It was hot in Florida...

Must have been why the Eagles did so bad yesterday - but enough about THAT!

We were in Florida this weekend visiting the family - Abby had a fourth birthday party and we were invited, so we had to go!

We had a great time. We flew out on Friday morning - scratch that, we flew out on Friday afternoon. We were SUPPOSED to fly out on Friday morning at 11:35AM - turns out the weather was pretty nasty here and our flight was coming from Charlotte, and a long story short, with my propensity for needing to be at the airport ten hours before the flight and Philadelphia's low ceiling, we didn't take off until close to 1PM! So, we spent some quality time in the airport! Luckily, we were flying out of B terminal which meant we had a mall to walk around (the mall is between B and C at Philly International) and a good selection of lunch to pick from. Of course, we had hot dogs!

Side note; so we sit down to have our lunch, and I have cut up Leda's hot dog and she is sitting in her own seat, and I put my napkin on my lap and start to eat. Leda reaches for a napkin of her own, so I give her one, figuring she'll just wipe the table, her nose, the hot dog, whatever, she's being good, and the kid goes and freaks us out by placing the napkin on her lap and starts eating, wiping her fingers from time to freaking weird is that?? How many 18 month olds do you know who put their napkin in their lap? Weird.

Anyway, so off for Florida we do go and we get there somewhere around 5 (well, we got to the airport before that, but then had to get the car, the luggage, and drive through the woods and over the river to Grandma's house (well, we actually get off the exit before the river, but THAT's a whole 'nother story!) and Aimee and Kurt and the girls show up not too long after that and we just had a nice evening eating fried chicken and having some fun watching the girls play with one another.

On Saturday, we spent the day hanging out, we did a little shopping for the birthday gifts and Aunt Judy and Elizabeth came up from Lakeland and off to the Marson's we did go to have a little birthday party for one Abigail Marson. It was a grand affair, with lawn chairs and bar-b-q's and grave markers - WHAT?

My sister lives on a cul-de-sac of about 6 houses and they did luck out when they got this house. Everyone on the block is young and has kids and they all play together and they basically purchased these houses with great backyards that never get used because they have great parties out front where the kids play in the street and everyone camouflages their lawn mowers! It was actually quite nice! So we sat out front and watched Abby open her presents and she got this great gift of a motorized Barbie Jeep (yes, beat out my Barbie horse and stable with Dream Stable Barbie, but whatever!) and the next thing we know, all the kids on the block have run to their garages and have pulled out their motorized vehicles and it's a parade, race, bumper car event in the cul-de-sac! You had to be there, it was awesome! Guess what Leda is getting for Christmas! She LOVED it - wanted to drive the Jeep SO BAD!

On Sunday, the family headed to Green Cove Springs for a little walk by the St. John River. We played on the playground, walked out on the dock, saw the sulfur spring and had a little lunch at Ronnie's. Then Brock, Leda and I had to head off for the airport to head home. We had a great time. Wish we could have stayed longer.

I do know that we have the BESTEST little girl EVER - what a trooper! Not one drop of Benedryl and the kid she took to flying like she was born to it! Not one little wimper - a few happy screams on the ground in Philly, but everyone thought she was just the best little girl, they didn't mind it at all! She really was wonderful - although it was a handful having her as a lap child - not a lot of room to move around on the small 757 or whatever we were on for the flight down, but the Airbus home was a little more roomier - but still, should have forked over the 200 bucks for her own seat! Of course, 6 more months and we will have to anyway!

We had a great time and we are happy that Grandma and Granddaddy put up with us! And, Leda was very happy that Grandma made her brownies (without nuts because Leda doesn't like nuts in her brownies).

Grandma and Leda

Hopefully my mother will send me lots of the pictures she took because apparently I suck at taking good pictures these days (I am just constantly running after the kid!) When she does send those pictures, I will post some! ;-)

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