Wednesday, October 25, 2006

18 Months

18 months ago tonight, I had just given birth to one incredible little girl. Little did we know that 18 months ago!

Leda is getting so big. She had her 18 month check up yesterday and the doctor pronounced her fit as a fiddle! She's about 25lbs and 33 inches (give or take a sneaker sole or two!) She's about 50th percentile (for all of you keeping score, that would make her average!)

Nope, not gonna do it!

She's got her 2yr molars coming in! We thought we saw a second set of molars coming in and the doc confirmed it. That would mean she's pretty much got all the teeth she should have by 2 years old!

When we were flying home from Florida last weekend, we had one person on the plane ask us if she is always so happy. And, yes, she is. She is a very happy little girl. She rarely cries - mostly when she has hurt herself or we leave her with the babysitters. She whines-cries when she doesn't get her own way, but we are (hopefully) breaking her of that. She's more like her Daddy in that she gets over it pretty quickly. Mostly she smiles and laughs and she's inquisitive; most definitely happy. We got pretty darn lucky!

The Doc says she's in her 'ape' period. Meaning, she will mimic us a lot. That explains the napkin incident at the airport, when she mimicked putting a napkin on her lap while eating, just like Mommy. She feeds her baby-dolls, she wipes their noses, and she will even blow her own nose! Believe me, I love that one! ;-)


We will be buying Leda her first pillow - her first "big girl" pillow - this weekend. She has a small decorative pillow that came with her bed set that she has been using to sleep with in the past several weeks, so we decided it is time to get her a pillow. She's been sleeping with stuffed animals and blankets and the small pillow for months (if not since last summer - I know, call social services, I let my infant sleep with things in her crib!! Oh, the horror!) so a big girl pillow won't hurt! Besides, might help her sleep better when she gets her next cold!

She says Daddy and Doggy pretty much constantly now. And no - that's her favorite answer to any question! She has started watching some TV - we LOVE Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin - and the Upside Down Show (which Daddy has watched with her, but Mommy hasn't had a chance to catch yet!). We love Moose and Zee! Noggin ROCKS! We purchased a DVD player a few weeks back when we knew we were going to take our trip to FL - yes, we broke down and got one! We did break it out for about 15 minutes on the plane ride down, but that was pretty much it. Tonight, Leda found the DVDs so I thought we would try something before dinner. I sat her at the dinner table with the DVD player and the Baby Einstein DVD, and she sat there and watched it for about 15 minutes or so. It is amazing how she went from could care less about tv to full-blown intrigue! After dinner she whined a bit to watch some more, but we held firm, no more, only small bits at a time!

Watching Baby Einstein
(Yes, it was a little close - I did move it back after I took the picture! She kept pulling it toward her so she could press the buttons!)

She's an amazing little girl. We are the luckiest people in the whole wide world! Hopefully we can still say that when she's 16 years old!

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