Sunday, September 17, 2006

What the $*@^&*$*@ was that?

Okay, that had to be the worst 15 minutes of regulation football I've ever seen. The 11 or so in overtime pretty much sucked, too.

I mean, seriously, what the heck happened to the Eagles? Did they look at one another in the beginning of the fourth quarter and think, "Ah, shucks, ain't no way these guys are going to come back from 17 points down"? Seriously??

That's it, that's all I'm saying. And, that's the only game this team had better play like that. Geez.

These pictures were taken long before the Eagles started losing, so it wasn't the shirt. It hasn't been totally jinxed yet...she can wear it next week, we'll see what happens (they start to lose in the second half, it's coming off!)

Eagles Fan

Eagles Fan

Eagles Fan

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