Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes, that is the first discernible word our child has said.


Okay, to be honest, this isn't the FIRST word. We are pretty sure she says "cat", "dog", "Duff", "that" and "Dada". "Mama" is iffy...she's only said it three times, and the first two times she was chasing after my mother.

In the past two weeks, she has begun to say "no" and "more." "More" is a good word. It helps us know she want's more! "No" is a little bit of a pain! "Leda, do you want to go take a bath?" "Noooo," as she runs for the bathroom (she LOVES taking baths!) In fact, she spends a lot of time saying "No." Not necessarily as "no," but as a word to say to just about any thing we ask her!

Also, she says "done." While taking her bib off. Indicating she is done her meal, thank you very much.

That's pretty much it at this point. She babbles up a storm and really does sound like she is saying a whole bunch of Japanese!

I am still scared that my worst fear will come to pass...that I will not be able to understand my child when she starts to speak. I'm not AS scared as I used to be, but the fear is still there. I am hoping that the more that she talks, the less I will fear not being able to understand her.

She's changing a lot these days. I know I really should do a Leda update, since there really hasn't been one in months! I will try to get to that this week.

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