Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

I can almost taste the coffee I had just purchased that morning 5 years ago. I can remember the exact words Brock said to me when I answered the phone, "A small plane just hit the World Trade Center." I can remember not being able to access or - so much internet traffic. I can remember the others in the office roaming around wondering what was happening. I remember we were supposed to be getting ready for our weekly office meeting. I remember someone finally turned on the tv in the conference room. I remember the silence that over took all of us that morning. The disbelief. The horror. The sadness.

I remember the office closing and we were all sent home. I remember the drive home, how quiet, how empty, how much like a snow storm on a beautiful September day. I remember crying with Brock at what we had all lost that day. I remember going to church with our neighbors and just wanting to gather with others on that strange evening.

I remember. I will never forget.

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