Sunday, June 4, 2006

Saturday was a red letter day!

Yesterday, Leda, Brock and I headed up to NYC for the day. Brock's friend and roommate from LA was in NYC for work, and, as we hadn't seen her in some years, we decided that we would head up to the city to have dinner with her. Since Jennifer was working most of the day, we figured we'd spend some time at the the Met and do some lunch and tour the museum (I've never been there, so we thought it would be a fun thing to do) until the later afternoon when Jennifer was free.

Before we left for NYC though, I hopped online around 10am to see if I could score us some Dixie Chick 10:03, we had two seats in not such a bad section! What a surprise! I have NEVER gotten tickets that quickly before! Woo Hoo!

So off to NYC. Leda slept most of the ride up. Brock got us into the city, we headed straight from the Lincoln Tunnel over to 1st Ave - saw the United Nations building! Headed up 1st to 81st and then over toward 5th, where the Met was. Found the parking garage, parked and headed on over to the Met Cafeteria for a little lunch. Leda was a perfect charmer, charming the pants off most of the older couples around us at the cafeteria.

Then, off to the Greek area. Brock toured the Greek art as Leda and I walked around glancing at things (and trying our best to keep our fingers and hands off the thousands year old irreplaceable pieces of art). We then went to see the ancient Egyptian tomb (how interesting!) and then the Japanese Buddha garden (did you have any doubt??) and then off to the Temple of Dendur. The Met is a HUGE museum; I doubt we saw half of it! We had a great time and then, around 3ish, headed over to the west side to catch up with Jennifer.

We met Jennifer and her co-workers at a little cafe (Arte Cafe) on 73rd and Columbus. What a neat little restaurant, and we had a great time with Jennifer, Phil, Terry and his 8 year old daughter Jordy, Kelly and Rob. Leda was again as charming as she is always and behaved herself wonderfully, considering she hadn't had an afternoon nap! We had a great dinner. Brock had to get up a few times and go put coins in the meter (can't believe we found a parking space a block away from the restaurant!) and at one time, came back in and said, "Dustin Hoffman is outside making a cell call." "WHAT?" I said...DUSTIN FREAKING HOFFMAN was standing right outside the restaurant making a call! No, I didn't jump right up and run out the door to see him, but believe me, it crossed my mind once or twice. Anyway, we sat there for a few minutes interrogating Brock and then on to more food and drink and talk, forgetting that Dustin Hoffman had been not 20 yards away making a phone call.

Leda was starting to get a bit tired of being confined to her chair or my arms/lap and dinner had been done and just about everyone had finished their after dinner coffee and drinks, so we parted ways! As we were saying goodbye to some of our new friends in the bar, who do we see, just 15 feet away from where we were standing, talking with the wait staff, but DUSTIN FREAKING HOFFMAN! Unbelievable! I was standing in the same establishment as Dustin Hoffman! And, I have to say, he looks good! Definitely short, but a very handsome short. And not a pretentious as you might expect...he was even in jeans. Looked very comfortable. And personable.

No, I did not run over and fawn all over him...however, I did consider taking Leda to the restroom! I'd have to pass right by him to get there! hehehe

So, off we went to drop Jennifer off at her hotel and head home. What an awesome red letter day! Dixie Chick tickets score within seconds in the morning and Dustin Hoffman in the evening. How much better can you get?

Oh, and absolutely no pictures to post! I never pulled the camera out of the bag! Duh!

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