Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pre-Anniversary and other rants...

Tomorrow will be one year since we put Leda on the Internet. Yep, one whole year of exposing our precious little girl to the Big Bad Internet. It's a darn good thing that no one really comes here (other than friends and family...we already know you guys are weird and we are okay with that! ;-)

So, if I am really good and I remember, you guys might be graced with a new picture of Leda. The month of June hasn't seen much use of the camera this year!

Okay, now for the rant...what is with these new ads telling new mothers that breast-feeding is best? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the ads come off as indicating that if you don't breast-feed you are a horrible mother...I mean, you wouldn't ride a bull in a honkey-tonk if you were pregnant, now, would you? Come on now. Are you telling me that the government is now going to get on the "boy, if you were a good mother, you would have breast-fed your child until she left for college, tsk, tsk" band wagon??

Let's face it, Leda's parents don't give a darn about her...she is well-fed, well-hydrated, well-loved (I take that back, she's not just well-loved, she is loved so much it sometimes makes her Mama's heart wanna burst from her chest), well-clothed (THAT is an understatement!!), she has all the toys she could want, she has a dog who loves so much he wants to sleep under her crib and give her kisses in the morning, she couldn't want for a darned thing...but, darn it, she just wasn't breast-fed! Oh, and the cat really can't stand her all that much.

I have nothing against breast-feeding. I tried, I really did. I think it was a combination of many conflicting directions from the nurses in the hospital (who were all trying to be helpful - well, except for maybe that one that grabbed the baby and grabbed my breast and tried to smash them together!) and the fact that Leda just didn't want anything to do with it. I think that mothers that are able to breast-feed are great. I just happen to be one that couldn't. Might it have been better for my child, yes; does it mean I love her any less, ABSOLUTELY NO.

I just am appalled by the ads. They really do make it seem that if you don't breast feed you aren't doing the best for your baby, therefore, you don't care enough. Well, a big go to you know where to the people who came up with the ads. Here's hoping it comes around to bite ya in the you know what some day!

End Rant...hopefully there will be pictures of the mistreated child tomorrow! ;-)

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