Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our Weekend in NY State

It's been a busy week...I am learning a new product at work and I am working on a sleep deficit (you'll understand shortly) plus, last night and all of today, I have been fighting a headache...a really strange one - not one of my normal pain in the butt headaches (yeah, I know, wrong end for the pain! ha!)

Anyway, as you know, we spent the weekend in Wyoming, NY, this weekend. Wyoming is a small town near where Brock grew up, southwest(ish) of Rochester, NY. It's mostly farmland (actually, it is all farmland - well, except for the salt mines). It's very beautiful, but really, there ain't nothing out there! Which is actually quite nice.

Wyoming is where Brock's parents live, with their brood of dogs (a westie, cavalier king charles spaniel, english mastiff and a great dane...a very international mix of dogs!) Brock's Dad was having his "retirement" party - "retirement" because he really isn't retired - it's a long and strange story. Anyway, all the people he worked with came in to celebrate Brock's Dad and his future endeavors. Brock and Leda and I headed up for the celebration since Brock was friends with a bunch of the people who would be there and because we were invited.

However, we stayed in a hotel in Batavia, due to the fact that there were a lot of out-of-towners in for the weekend and "not enough rooms at the inn," AKA, no room at home for us. No problem. Now, this was the first time we took a trip this long with Leda in a car since the end of last summer (yeah, I was surprised by that fact too!) so we really weren't sure how she would handle it. Last year, when we would travel long distances, we would leave at Leda's bed time so she would just go to sleep and all we would have to do is transfer her from car to bed.

So, Friday night, we gave the kiddo a bath, gave her a bottle and loaded her into the car at 8pm (bedtime)...about 10:30, she finally fell asleep! (about halfway there).

She was pretty pleasant for the most part. No real screaming, except every once in awhile. She handed two and a half hours stuck in the car pretty well. We had stopped just before she fell asleep, so she got to stretch her legs a little before she fell asleep.

So, about 1am we get to the hotel. Brock checks us in, the kid's still asleep. Of course, it starts to rain and we have a bit of a walk from the car to the door of the hotel, then down a long hallway to the elevator then four floors up to our room.

The kid woke up!

And, wouldn't go back to sleep!

I put her in the crib the hotel provided, but when I left the room to use the bathroom (so technically, I really didn't leave the room, she started screaming (Brock had gone down to get our bags). Everytime I'd calm her down, lay her down in the crib, one step away, she screamed.

So, I set up one of the beds in the room (thank goodness there were two beds in the room!) with pillows down one side and lay Leda in the middle and me on one side. It was the only way to get her to lay down and attempt to go to sleep. Put her in the crib, expected to be killed by any neighbors we might have on the other side of either wall in our room!

She was pretty good. Didn't attempt to get out of the bed, but didn't attempt to do much sleeping either. I think the last time I looked at the clock before I fell asleep it was 4:30am.

Now, you figure, for a kid who got maybe HALF of her nightly supply of sleep, she might sleep in, right? WRONG. Up at 7am we were!

And, Saturday was a long day! Leda did nap at the Yates' and I even got about an hour worth of naps, but it was a long day. Lots of people, playing with the dogs, running around the house. We didn't go swimming...WAY too cold. But we did play around the pool. The party was a blast, and we had lots of fun seeing everyone and talking with a few of our friends. I put Leda down around 9ish so Mommy could have a little down time and around 11 we packed her into the car and back to the hotel...Saturday night went much better...the kid was exhausted, so she slept no problem in the crib!

But up again at 6am. She did go back to sleep and I guess I got to sleep until about 8 before we got up, got showered and dressed and headed back to the Yates' before we headed home. We spent a little time hanging out in the hotel room (Leda LOVES hotel rooms!) and gave Daddy his daddy's day card (that Leda picked out ALL BY HERSELF...of course, it has Nemo on it and those are her favorite bath toys!).

The trip home was uneventful...we didn't put Leda down for a morning nap, so by the time we headed home around noon, she was pretty tired. But she only slept for about the first 45 minutes, then was really adamant about NOT wanting to be in the chair anymore for a good 2 hours or so, then slept the last 2 hours. We were home by 5:30pm - enough time to tire the kid out for bedtime at 8!

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend. Albeit tiring! But we learned a few things...we don't HAVE to wait until bed time to go on long trips (heck, if she's gonna be up for 2 and a half hours past it anyway, what's the big deal!) and that Daddy get's to sleep with the kid the next time! ;-)

Leda did have lots of fun with Grandpa's toys. As you can see if you click on the picture in the previous post and browse. Brock put her in the cars and she grabbed a hold of the steering wheel and just smiled! Don't think we will have much problem getting her in a go-cart when the time comes!

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