Monday, May 15, 2006


What a boring blog this has become! I've been too darn tired to update it in the past week. Chasing a one year old is tiring, especially on your own!

As of this afternoon, however, I am no longer a single parent, YAHOO! One Lap is over and Brock is home. Of course, he goes off to do poll watching all day tomorrow into the evening, so, again, tomorrow evening, I am a single parent...actually, tonight, I was too (although Brock did make dinner before he headed out to his meeting!)

But Wednesday! Woo Hoo... I think I might go out shopping and leave baby home with daddy! ;-)

I did finish my fountain project this weekend. Barely in time for the torrential downpours we have had in the past couple of days, so I didn't get any finished pictures...will have to post that later in the week when it is nice out enough to take some pics.

So, really, sorry for the boring site, but being tired and busy doesn't give me much time for being creative! I promise, I will post something fun soon!

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