Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

What a beautiful weekend we had here! It was sunny and warm-to-hot this weekend, perfect for spending most of our time outside! We went to a bbq on Sunday (thanks to the Durhams) and spent today playing outside in our NEW sand box! Yep, Mama went out and bought the kid a sand box (don't worry, it's got a kitty litter box in the back yard for us!)

Sitting in the new sand box!

This is the second time we were in the sandbox...the first time we were in our little skort outfit that Daddy dressed us in this morning. Then Mama realized that it would be easier to hose her off if she was in her bathing suit! We did a LOT of hosing off today! Leda was loving it!

It really was a great weekend. Leda's doing a lot of neat things now...she climbed up on the couch tonight without our help...the first time she's done that! Of course, her Mama and Daddy sat on the other couch and laughed at her as she got frustrated (hey, it was funny! Besides, it just made her try harder!) I'll have to find some time this week to write up the past month (since, I realized, I didn't do the 13 months installment!)

Playing in the sand!

Video from the sandbox coming soon! It's hysterical...I do believe that this afternoon in the sandbox was the first time this child has sat still for 10 minutes straight! She loved it! And, yes, she ate some too! ;-)

Loving my sand box!

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