Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finished! Well, mostly....

Here's my finished project - my "buddha garden." It's a big hit with the kid and dog!


I am a little unhappy with the big empty space behind the fountain. I think I am going to be looking for something to hang there. The "trellis" idea didn't turn out the way I expected. Of course, it's early in the season! I guess we can always hope the ivy and the black eyed susan viney thing might grow fast enough to take up that area. Ha!

Anyway, as I said, it's a hit with the kid and the dog. Duff has already partaken of a nice cool drink on a hot day. Apparently, the kid thought it was a good idea...

Drinking the fountain water

Don't worry, no chemicals were added.

She then decided it was time to drink out of the hose...she ended up getting mostly soakin wet!

Wet Face!

Oh, and there are videos! Will probably be a day or two before they are up!

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