Monday, November 21, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We left home at the ungodly hour of 5 AM for the Philly airport so we could park the car and get vanned to the airport with all our stuff! And, there was a LOT of stuff!

We did get to the airport. We got our bags checked, got our boarding passes and then it was off to the gate to sit and wait...and hope they would change our seats so that we were all sitting together.

When I booked the flight, the best I could do was a window for Leda and a middle for me and a middle for Brock, across the aisle from us. So, some poor soul was gonna have to sit next to me, taking care of a child that we had no idea how she would react to this 4.5 hour flight to Denver!

The gate attendant said he would try and do what he could for us, but couldn't guarantee getting us together...also, we asked for the bulkhead, but apparently they don't put families there anymore because they apparently charge more for those seats now! Bummer!

Well, we loaded onto the plane, got in our seats and this nice man came and sat in his seat next to me. He was quite nice, asked about Leda. At some point he found out that Brock was across the aisle in a middle seat and this very nice man offered to switch his aisle seat for Brock's middle seat so that our family could sit together. It warms my heart to know there are still nice people out there!

So, we headed off to Denver, and Leda was SOOOO good! There were a couple of crying babies on our plane, but Leda wasn't one of them. She fell asleep before we got off the ground! She slept for about 2.5 hours...enough time for Mommy to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...well, sorta...she woke up in the last 5 minutes of the movie, so I missed the end! Definitely a movie I need to have in my library!

She was just so happy, laughing and smiling and flirting with the nice lady who was in the seat ahead of Brock. She was really good when we had to strap her back in for decent into Denver. She did great on the take off and problems with her ears...we gave her Binky to suck on and that worked great.

We were supposed to not change planes in Denver...this was a flight to Portland, with a stop in Denver. Well, that changed when we had to go get a different plane. So, we had to do it all again! It was the same type of plane, so we had the same seats and therefore, had to hope there'd be a nice person who would trade with Brock.

We got on the plane, and the nice lady in front of Brock was there again. She and I were talking while the plane was loading and she thought that someone would definitely give up the seat, or else they were a heartless soul (her words, not mine!). I said we couldn't expect someone to trade an aisle for a middle, but then again, middle vs. baby, what would you do.

About that time, this man walked up to his seat, saw the baby and made a face and a sound that made us know, he wasn't happy about the fact that there was a baby in his aisle! I said, she was really good on the flight out here, so I don't think there's anything to worry about. The nice lady I was talking to said, you could trade with her husband and the guy looked over, saw Brock in the middle seat and didn't give it a second thought...the family was together again! (see, middle seat wins EVERY TIME!)

Leda was a pure joy on the next leg of the flight. She slept for only about 45 minutes, which kinda worried us a little, but I figured she'd take a good long nap when we got to Aunt Joan and Uncle Waynes! Ha! Anyway, she was the best baby on the plane. The others fussed, cried, screamed and just plain were not happy the ENTIRE flight! Our angel, was SO HAPPY!
Leda on Airplane
Leda on Airplane
Look closely, those are mountains down there!!

We arrived in Portland, grabbed our bags, met Uncle Wayne and got all our stuff into the car and off we were to our destination...Aunt Joan and Uncle Wayne's house!

Leda proceeded to be a great little girl. However, she wouldn't go to sleep! Here, we were going to nap her enough that she could stay up until 8 Pacific time (so we could at least sleep until 6!) and she just wouldn't cooperate with the napping! We finally had to put her down around 6ish...about 5 minutes before Aunt Claire got here! Figures.

The kid, she did well...she had a few episodes in the middle of the night when she was talking to herself, but no cry outs and we slept until 6:30!!!! Wooo Hooo!

We figure we pay for the perfect child on the way home!

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