Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's Gonna be a Bright Bright Bright Bright Sun Shiny Day

Who ever tells you this part of the country is wet and ugly, don't EVER listen. We've had the BEST weather this week (as, for some reason, Brock and I always do when we visit here.) Today was NO exception.

We woke early today (well, Leda and I woke around 6am, Daddy got to sleep in a little) and got our breakfast with Uncle Bobby. Little by little, the rest of the
house awoke and joined us.

After a little nap (for Leda) and some showers, we all sat down to a pancake breakfast made by Sarah and Claire and then we all went for a long walk on the beach. The dogs LOVED the freedom to run anywhere and at any speed they chose, because we had the WHOLE beach to ourselves.

Did I take a camera with me...NO! Duh! Oh well, I will have the day in my memory always. It was a nice relaxing walk with the family. We had Uncle Dan and his dog Drake, Aunt Joan and her dog Finnegan (Finny), Aunt Claire and her dog Teegan, Uncle Bobby, Sarah, Scott, Daddy and Mommy and Leda.

After our walk, Leda needed another little nap, and Uncle Dan wanted to take Brock and I off to hunt books at used book stores. Uncle Dan is a bit of a book connoisseur. And Brock and I like to hunt books ourselves, but we go for the cheaper ones! Anyway, Aunt Claire and Aunt Joan swore an oath to let Leda sleep her nap (Brock was ABSOLUTELY SURE they would go get the baby up as soon as we pulled out of the driveway) and after lunch instructions were given, off we went. Dan drove us down to Depot Bay and the north again to Lincoln City. The coast here is absolutely beautiful. Did I take my camera...NO!

We did a little book hunting. I found a first edition Diana Gabladon book that I hadn't purchased yet and a fun book about Beaches (gotta read about Beaches at the Beach!) and a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Dan got the BEST book, a signed first edition of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil...he better becareful that I don't steal it while he sleeps!

A stop at barnacle Bills (for smoked salmon and some dungeness crab...YUMMMMY!!!) and then a stop at the Safeway for the groceries we were sent out to get, and three hours later, we were home again. Leda faired VERY well in the care of her Aunts and cousins. She didn't even notice we were gone.

I did get some pictures of the beach...late in the day, but pictures none the less.
Walking the dogs
Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner made by Uncle Wayne with Brock's help of marinated pork loin and fried rice. Yum. Then, we all separated into different groups (after Leda's bath, of course) to watch a variety of different shows on TV. And, to rest up for the Main Event...The Thanksgiving Feast!

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