Monday, November 28, 2005

7 months old (three days late!)

Wow, how time does fly!

Our little girl turned 7 months old on Friday! We did recognize it, with all the packing and heading back to the city and touring the Spruce Goose and all. I just didn't blog it on time!

In the past month, Leda has certainly grown. She's saying more now...she's even starting to use her tongue to make sounds. She'll be saying words sooner than we think!

She is more expressive every day. We don't always know what she wants, but she's getting better at letting us know...when she wants up, she reaches to us...when she wants down, she pushes away from us. When she wants her "puffs" (treats after lunch/dinner) she pushes her bottle away and reaches for them.

She's growing up so fast. She's still pulling herself across the floor, not yet crawling, but she does get herself into position. She can sit up by herself (although, she tends to do this when we aren't paying attention!) She can almost pull herself up to a stand! Sooner than we know (and probably want!) she'll be walking!

She's such a joy to be with. She is mostly always smiling, she giggles so much. She's got ticklish points (which make us very happy!!) and she is becoming more inquisitive about things that are happening around her. She's a GREAT eater (always has been!) and she's tried so many new things this past month.

Leda's a wonderful little girl who only grows more wonderful each and every day. We love her more than anything in this world!
Love my Breakfast!

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