Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Update on feeding Leda cereal

This is going pretty darn well. We'll have to see if the doctor yells at us for starting this earlier than I think he would have liked, but Leda is taking to being fed cereal REALLY WELL...she opens WIDE for each spoonful! Sometimes, before she swallows the previous one!

Anyway, here's a picture from her first meal. It did go MUCH better than she's letting on!

First Meal

And, here's a Happy Baby...a few days after her first meal!

Happy Baby

Couldn't let her grow up without getting one of those toothless grins! She's so cute!

4 month Doctor Appointment tomorrow! We get to find out how much we weigh (which is probably about 18 pounds!!!) We also get another round of shots (4 this time, I think) NOT looking forward to that.) Will be sure to post an update!!

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