Friday, August 12, 2005

Odds n Ends...

*A part of this area's history is going away...Strawbridge’s will be no longer after next year. I don't know whether or not to be depressed or just get over it. Strawbridge’s is the last connection we have to Strawbridge and Clothier, and John Wanamaker’s! That means that the old John Wanamaker’s building in Philly will end up a Macy's! Yuck! (I don't do much shopping at Strawbridge’s...but it is just soothing to know that it's there. Now, it just feels like my childhood is fading away to nothing!) ;-(

*TO is the biggest, whiniest, pain in the you know what, athlete EVER! The Eagles need to sit him out this year - let him ponder how to use the 7+ mil he made last season to "feed his family" - give me a freaking break...and now, he heads off to the Bahamas during his suspension from camp - yeah, dude, first of all, there's a hurricane coming and second of all, which family member doesn't eat this week so you can go "work on your tan?"??? If I were making $19,000 A. DAY!!! I don't think I'd be complaining. Sit him out...don't trade him, don't settle for another contract, sit him out and get rid of him after the season is over. Let him stew in his own juices for a season - see who takes him next year! What a dufus! I can't believe I dare say this, but I'd forfeit the darned Super Bowl just to see this guy get his just desserts. (Nope, not angry about it at all! ;-)

*What is it about the rear end of my car that everyone who follows me MUST follow so darned close???? Geez! Back off!

*And, you there, who doesn't stop at that darned stop sign and makes ME have to hit my brakes as I am coming down the hill toward you - ARE. YOU. FREAKING. NUTS???? There's a reason for that stop sign. There's a reason why you need to STOP. AND. LOOK! Use the brain God gave you. You obviously have one, if the State of Pennsylvania gave you a driver's license (cough, cough, snicker, snicker).

Just a few things to get off my chest! Friday seemed like a good time to do it! Have a great weekend!

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